May01 @ 02:12:00 pm

Tomorrow there will be a DCM8 installed in Rough Trade East in Brick Lane, London for SchneidersBuero Synthesizer day. Pop by and have a look!

Feb14 @ 08:28:00 pm

Just a quick update on stock levels of the DCM8, we're low on built units at this time but should have some ready by next week to last us until the end of the month when we'll start work on batch three!

Dec16 @ 01:09:00 pm

Apologies for the lack of updates, it has definitely been the most busiest times of our lives!

So the first batch are out there now in customers hands and the feedback has been great! We are thrilled that the DCM8 has been well received and have now started production of the next batch of 50. Components are in stock and will be assembled soon, we are just waiting on the printed circuit boards which should be with us in a week. So for now the wooden side panels are being readied for CNC milling and hand finishing.

Due to delays in replying to orders and enquiries the last few weeks we shall keep the pre-order price of £299 (approx 356, $462, ¥36000) until the end of this year. We anticipate units from the second batch will be ready early about mid January, so the store has been re-opened and will run until this batch is sold out!

Nov22 @ 10:25:00 am

Today the shipping of the first batch starts! It's been an overly long process, wrestling with couriers, boxes and bits of foam but we should be there now. Some units have gone already, the rest will follow today! This means the next batch has been delayed also, so we're anticipating mid-late December now for those to be ready. Hopefully they will start to appear in shops and dealers soon so machines will be easier to get. Sorry we haven't had chance to respond to a lot of enquiries, we will do as soon as the first batch have shipped!

We may also be having open studio days so people can pop by our east London workshop and see work in progress and get to grips with our products, as we've done this for the last few years as partners of the Hackney Wicked arts festival.

Nov03 @ 05:15:00 pm

Well that was a bit frantic! Many thanks for your support and enquiries, we have been busy taking pre-orders and bringing everything together for the release next week of the DCM8 chiptune drum machine, as a temporary measure we've suspended immediate pre-order sales so we can build up stock and make sure future orders are satisfied.

All orders received so far will still be shipped on the 11th of November and we shall be starting work on the second batch manufacture within the next two weeks. This next batch should be ready for shipping at the end of this month or early December. If you are interested in ordering a unit at pre-order price levels and you are okay waiting a little longer for delivery then get in contact with us and we'll see what we can do.

We are also making the second batch available to dealers and distributors worldwide so watch this space for more details!

Oct22 @ 09:58:00 pm

After months of preparation we are ready to go live. Switches flipped, soldering irons warmed, many lines of code written.

We announce the production of our first electronic musical instrument the DCM8 Digital Chiptune Drum machine, born from a desire to have chip music sounds in an easy to use studio desk sequencer and live performance package after wearing out our Gameboys with manic button bashing, and also wanting a few other sound styles thrown in for good measure.

Initial batch of units is hardware complete with the firmware now in beta testing, readying for an early November release!

We will be setting up the shop for pre-orders soon!

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